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Makes analytical services for oil companies and manufacturing industry.

AZECOLAB is the Scientific & Technical Company, which is makes analytical services for oil companies and manufacturing industry. The company is also works with international scientific projects.

Who Are AEL

AEL was established in 2005. During this time, the Company has become a multi-profile

scientific and technical organization.

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Sale of laboratory


The sale of laboratory equipment and related services plays a crucial role in supporting the research, testing, and quality control processes within these industries.

Certification of workspace

The certification of workspaces within these sectors not only safeguards the well-being of employees but also aligns with regulatory standards and environmental considerations.

Ecological Analysis

As global concerns about environmental sustainability continue to rise, businesses in these sectors are under increasing pressure to adopt ecologically responsible practices.

Development & Installation

Development and installation services are integral components of these sectors, playing a vital role in enhancing operational efficiency, productivity, and safety.

What We Offer

Experienced Technical Service Team

Repair and Maintenance Operations

Using Original Parts

Uninterrupted Use

The company is responsible for conducting high-quality analysis

has equipment and standard procedures.


Bakı şəhəri Yasamal Rayonu A. Ələkbərov

Tel.: (+99412) 510-58-84

Mobil: (+99451) 646-44-03


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